24 July, 2014

What Will 10 Keys To Effective Web Design Be Like In 100 Years

10 Keys To Effective Web Design Be Like In 100 Years

When you attempt to make your website successful, there are several major concepts, heuristics and approaches involved to use in making it more effective as opposed to the others. You will need to understand how users interact with websites, what they expect, and even what the basic patterns are of their behavior. Here are ten easy and effective principles you should consider following to help your site succeed.
1. Don’t make the user think otherwise The web-page should be obvious, easy to understand and self-explanatory. While starting a site, your job is to make sure everything is clear. Users need to make decisions consciously by thinking about their pros, cons plus solutions. If the site’s navigation and site architecture aren’t intuitive, the question marks grow and it’s harder for users to understand how the system works. A clear structure with moderate visual clues and easily recognizable links will help users to get what they want. 2. Don’t squander users’ patience In every project, when you offer your visitors a service or tool, keep your user requirements to least. The less action required from users to test a service, the more likely it is that a random visitor is going to try it out. First-time visitors are definitely willing in order to play with the service a little by not filling long web forms for an account they don’t think they will ever use it again in the future. Users need to explore the site and discover your services, without the need of sharing their personal information so that way the user feels more comfortable. 3. Manage to meet user's attention As websites give both static and dynamic content, a few aspects of one user interface can get more attention than others. Images are more eye-catching than text, just like sentences that are bold catch more attention than plain text. The human eye is a highly non-linear device. Web users instantly find edges, designs and motions. That’s why video-based advertisements are sometimes annoying and distracting, however from a marketing standpoint, they do the job perfectly of capturing users’ attention. Focusing the user’s attention to specific areas of your site with just moderate use of visual elements may help your visitors get from point A to point B, without having to think of how it's done. 4. Strive for feature exposure Modern web designs are sometimes criticized because they use visually appealing devices such as 1-2-3-done-steps, large buttons with visual impacts, etc. Although from the design viewpoint these elements actually are extremely effective by getting visitors through the site content in an easy way. Allowing the user to see clearly all the features that are available is a basic principle of successful user interface design. It doesn’t matter how that is achieved, whatever issues is that the content is perfectly understood, and that visitors feel comfortable with the way they interact with the system. 5. Make sure the content is well prepared As the web is different from print, adjusting the writing style to users’ preferences and browsing habits is essential. An ideal solution for effective writing is to come to the point as quickly as possible, categorize the content, use multiple heading levels, and use visual elements and bulleted lists, breaking the flow of uniform text blocks. Use plain and goal language. Remember that a promotion doesn’t need to sound like advertisement. And give your users a reasonable and goal reason about why they should use your servicing, or even stay on your site. 6. Strive for simplicity The “keep it simple” principle (KIS) should be the primary goal of your website structure and style. Visitors,rarely browse to enjoy the web design. In most cases, they’re looking for the information they want. Strive for simplicity instead of complexity that can get more users to your site. 7. Don’t be afraid of white space It’s hard to overestimate the importance of white space. It not only helps to reduce the cognitive load for the visitors, but it also makes it possible to perceive the information that is presented on the screen. When a new visitor comes to a new design layout, the first thing he tries to do is to scan the page, and divide the content into digestible pieces of information. When you use complex structures, they are harder to analyze and to get on with what the user requires. It’s usually better to separate two design segments by some white space and not a visible line. The better you manage providing users with a sense of visual structure, the better your content is going to be to perceive. 8. Communicate effectively with a “visible language” Generally there are 3 essential principles involved in the so-called 'bountiful phrases', in to that content that users see on their screen. Organize: Provide the user with a conceptual structure that’s clear as well as regular. Reliability, screen layout, relationships as well as navigability are important concepts of organization. Economize: Do the most with the least amount of cues or visual elements. Consider four major points: simplicity, clarity, emphasis and distinctiveness. Simplicity includes only the elements most important for communication. Clarity means all components should be designed so their meaning is clear. Emphasis means the most important elements should be easily understood. And Distinctiveness means that the important properties of the necessary elements should be distinguishable. Communicate: Match the presentation to the user’s capabilities. The user interface must keep legibility,typography, symbolization, multi views, and colour or texture in balance so to communicate successfully. Use a most of 3 typefaces along with a most of 3 point sizes; a best of 18 words otherwise 50 - 80 characters for each line of text. 9. Conventions are our friends Conventional design of site elements does not always result in a boring or dull website. Indeed, conventions are quite useful because they reduce the learning curve, or the need to figure out how things work. With conventions you can gain user’s confidence, trust, reliability and you can prove your credibility. Make sure you understand user's expectations, what they’re expecting from a site navigation, article structure, search place and etc. 10. Test early, test often This is the so-called TETO principle, which should be applied to almost every web design project. Usability tests will often give crucial insights into significant problems and sometimes issues related to a given layout. Test not too late, or not too minimal, so never for the inappropriate reasons. It is essential to understand that most design decisions are local meaning that you can’t universally answer if one layout is better than another, as you need to analyze it from a very exacting viewpoint, consideration about the needs, investors, budget etc. CONCLUSION: Consider these ten ideas when you’re looking to build a great site. Remember that the KEY ingredient you should always take into consideration is the bottom line. if you want it to work right, you need to test it in order to make absolutely sure.

Author Bio:

This guest post is written by Steve. Currently working as a blogger at Key Difference. His major stream is SEO,Web design.

16 February, 2014

F4U Blue Flame Blogger Template

F4U Blue Flame Blogger Template

Name : F4U Blue Flame
Platform : Blogger/BlogSpot
Release Date : 16 Feb, 2014
Author : f4uonlinecourses.com
License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

    Preview       Download 

F4U Blue Flame Blogger Template

F4U Blue Flame is a stylish blogger template which is designed for blogger blogs. This is having 2 columns. The header of this template is divided in two sections, on the left side we've placed the title of the blog and a little description and on the right side it have  ad banner section. It has three column footer widgets section with beautiful block containing long stylish search bar with hover effect.


Seo Friendly
This template is totally on-page SEO optimized and you don’t worry about on-page SEO .

468x60 Ad Section In Header
This template having banner space on the left side in the header.

Custom Threaded Comment System
Beautiful threaded comment system simple and stylish with comment counter and beautiful add a comment button.

Auto Jump Break
No need to add jump break in post.Because this template contain an auto script which automatically and jump break.

Search Bar
Two search bar one in sidebar and second in footer. Beautiful search bar with hover effect and with 3d button.

Three Column Footer
This template also have 3 column footer.


Basic CSS and HTML knowledge required to customize this template as your requirement.

Header Menu
  1. Go to Blogger.com
  2. Select Template
  3. Edit Template
  4. Search By This Code Using Ctrl+F

<ul class='menu' id='menu-main-navigation'>

After finding this replace Demo text with your text and # with your links.

Footer Menu

For changing Footer Links with yours. 
  1. Search Demo1.
  2. Replace it with your text and # with your links.
Subscription Box 

F4U Blue Flame Subscription Widget

Beautiful and simple subscription box widget css are already added in template. If you want to add this widget then follow below steps.

  1. Go To Layout
  2. Add HTML/JAVA Widget.
  3. Paste Below Code And Save It.

<div id="sidebar-subscribe-box"><div class="sidebar-subscribe-box-wrapper">
<div class='heading'>
Sign Up For Free
<div class='p'>Subscribe To Our Email Newsletter & Receive New Updates Free</div>
<div class="sidebar-subscribe-box-form">
<form action="http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=f4uonlinecourses
class="sidebar-subscribe-box-form" method="post" 
onsubmit="window.open('http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=f4uonlinecourses', 'popupwindow', 
'scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520');return true" target="popupwindow">
<input name="uri" type="hidden" value="way2usefulinfo" />
<input name="loc" type="hidden" value="en_US" />
<input class="sidebar-subscribe-box-email-field" name="email" autocomplete="off" 
placeholder="Enter Email..."/>
<input class="sidebar-subscribe-box-email-button" title="" type="submit" value="Subscribe" />


Change                     with your ID.
Change                      with your desired text.

Screen Shots  

F4U Blue Flame Blogger Template

F4U Blue Flame Blogger Template

F4U Blue Flame Blogger Template

Final Words

So Friends,You have your F4U Blue Flame Template with its basic customization. I hope you like this template and also share it. If you need any help regarding its customization feel free to comment below. And give your valuable feedback by leaving comment below.

04 February, 2014

Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

Complete Guide - For Creating a Successful Blog

Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

 Post Summary

  • What Is A Blog
  • Why Should I Blog
  • Why People Not Visit My Blog
  • Benefits of Blogging
  • How I Create a Successful Blog
  • How I Promote Blog
What Is a Blog?

A blog is an online collection of content relating to you or your company. A blog originally came from the word ‘weblog’. Earlier, blogs were primarily used for personal use. But it is now common practice to use a blog for business.

 Adding a blog to your website is highly recommended because it allows you to quickly create new content. Content search engines love, especially the content that makes sense for your business or industry.

Why Should I Blog

The basic reason of blog is, Blog help you establish your brand. A blog is one of several ways to communicate your message to a client. It helps to build relationship with other bloggers. It helps you to remain creative and thoughtful. The blog provides a hub of social networking.

You can share pictures, videos, thoughts with others. You can earn money by blogging through advertising by offering any service or by selling your products online.Blog build your online community and helps you to engage with others. This is the basic reason why anyone blog. Now it depends on you, why should you blog. ;)

Why People Not Visit My Blog

If you provide quality, helpful and unique content, then why people don't visit your blog. 
The reason is that

  1. Your blog is not user friendly
  2. You have many pop-ups
  3. Your blog is for spiders not to humans
  4. You have lots of ads
  5. Difficult to navigate
  6. And your blog takes too much time to load.

This is the common reason why people don’t like to visit your blog again.Try to increase your blog loading speed, make it easy to navigate and user friendly and focus on quality not on quantity. Try to write unique and meaningful articles.

Benefits of Blogging

There are many benefits of blogging some of them are listed:

You Will Learn

Before you can write well, you must read a lot. And from this you will be learning a lot and become great in your profession in which your blog.

Source of income

If you create a successful blog. Which is getting tons of traffic monthly then you can earn money by placing ads, by selling something etc.

Develop your writing skill

When you write a blog, you were unknowingly improved your writing skill. When you write daily you will definitely become a better writer. The more you write, the better you can over time.

Gain Influence

Another great benefit of blogging is, the amazing relationships which you can develop. You get to join other influencers in the blogosphere. There is nothing better than connecting with other bloggers who share your passion.

Help Others

Every good blogger helps its reader or others. You can help them by solving their problems, by answering their questions, by writing helpful articles for them.

Build Trust Online

Blog helps you to build trust online because trust is the thing which you can’t buy so by providing quality information and helping them you can build your trust which is good for your blog and help you to accomplish your goals.

How I Create a Successful Blog

When you decide to create a blog and earn money from it. Then creating a content is not enough, you need to create content that your audience loved if you write meaningless content, then you can never achieve your goal. Now I am telling some tips to create a successful and better blog.

Produce High Quality Content

You must have great content on your blog it doesn’t matter on what niche your blog is whether your blog is about blogging tips, marketing tips and fashion or something else. Your blog content must be unique, high quality and helpful. It is not enough to write only 5 to 10 great content. Your blog should be filled with great content.

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This is also true that you aren’t getting the same reaction on each post. But always try your level best to provide high quality content. Try to post frequently if it is not possible for you then at least three times a week. So, your readers get something new every time.

User Friendly Design

For  creating a successful blog it is not enough that you only have great content. Your site must be user friendly and having a professional design. Easy to navigate that everyone easily interact. Always think about how you want to appear your site to your targeted audience. Choose colors and theme wisely. Avoid colors which force visitors to leave your blog.

Use images and videos

Blog which contains only text is little bit boring and people take less interest in it. Try to add relevant images in your post. Additionally, add videos related to your post so, your blog post looks beautiful. Stylize and colorize your text, Make proper headings and sub headings.

Engage With Your Readers

While writing, keep in mind that you don’t write for yourself, always write for your readers keep their interest in mind while writing a blog post. Always give something useful and valuable things to your readers.Update your blog with fresh content. Encourage user through your articles to write comments. Try to reply to readers comment, engage with them through comments and make a relation with them.

How I Promote Blog

How I know that you create a new blog? When you create a new blog, then no one know’s about it. The reason behind promotion of any blog is that your blog gets noticed and people visit it. If you promote your blog in a proper way then you start receiving traffic which will increase over time. There are many methods you use to promote your blog.

Make Use of Social Media

Social Media Sites are great sources for driving instant traffic towards your blog. The traffic comes from social media sites are referral traffic and short term. The best known social media sites are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest  etc.
  • Try to follow people related to your profession, related to your niche.
  • Join some groups and share your blog post in it. 
  • Ask friends for a favour and other peoples to share your post.
  • Try to make your blog page on social media sites and share it with peoples.
  • Add social buttons inside your blog.

Join Forums

Joins some best forums and remain active in 2 or 3 forums daily. Try to answer other member’s problem and share your link if it is related to that question. Don’t try to spam on it.

Through Guest Posting

This is still the best ways to get noticed by many people. Guest post only on high PR blogs so that blog readers, subscriber and followers know about your blog. You also get a backlink from that blog. More, high PR and good backlinks means you have more chance to get indexed in search engines.

Blog Commenting

Through blog commenting you can engage with other readers and tell about your blog. Blog commenting helps to drive traffic towards your blog.

Organic Traffic

SEO is all about Search Engine Optimization. The best and long term method which provides traffic through search engines. Making your blog more search engine friendly and giving them what people are looking for. Seo has divided into two parts on-page and off-page. Start with on-page, then off-page.

Write keyword rich article and makes backlinks of it so they can index by search engines. Share your article or blog post on social media sites.Link your post to another post within your blog (InterLinking). It will build your authority for your post and keeps readers longer on your blog.

Through Link Building

Link building is the part of SEO strategy. Link building is basically the process of getting external pages or blog to link to your blog.This means the more external links you have linking back to your blog the more traffic you get on your blog.You can build links through different methods like guest posting, blog commenting etc.

Add Your Blog to Bookmarking Sites

You can get a large amount of traffic through social bookmarking sites because these sites can get tons of traffic daily.If your blog post is great,  then you can get good amount of traffic through social bookmarking sites.

Final Words:

There is no rocket science behind blogging, and how to make a blog and earn money from it. But it required hard work and time, then you achieve your goals. In this post I just explain simple step through which any one easily can make a blog and promote it.If you like our this post and found it helpful then must share it and subscribe us. You can give your feedback through comments.

27 December, 2013

What is Bounce Rate And How To Decrease It

How To Reduce Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate And How To Decrease It

What is bounce Rate?

Blog bounce rate is the percentage of total visitors who has visited just a single page of your website and then left your blog. Bounce means when users come on the site and immediately close it or when there is a session timeout (according to analytical software), or when he immediately close the tab or window.
Bounce rate is very important because it tells the effectiveness of your site with which your site catches the attention of the visitors. Your site bounce rate should be as less as possible. There are many ways through which you can decrease the bounce rate, here are some them:

Tips to Decrease the Bounce rate

1) Design of your blog

If your blog is having a good design then it makes an impression on the visitor. You must use white background theme for your blog. Try to make your blog easy to navigate, user friendly. Make your blog simple so that visitor should not face any type of problem. 

2) Better Blog Content

If your site is having better quality content then your visitor’s will automatically turn to loyal and regular reader. If your are offering a better and unique content then visitor will continue navigate your site to read more post.
Some people don’t like to continue reading the post if the language of the article does not match their standard.
If your blog is having a high bounce rate, read your content and check it if you can make it better in quality. Must check your sentence (grammatically). Break your sentence to make it easy to read.

3) Participation of Visitor

By setting a comment section you can encourage your visitor to participate. By having a comment section on your blog, visitors will spend more time on your blog (by doing comment) and will participate it too. Comment section encourages visitors to read more blogs content and their comments. This will help to decrease bounce rate.

4) Cleanness of Blog

There should be no irritating things on your blog, because irritation can cause your visitors to leave the blog.
Some of the examples of irritations are slow loading speed, pop-up window and ads, displaying too many ads on same page etc.

5) Subscription of blog

You must encourage your visitors to subscribe your site article, so that they can become your loyal or regular visitor. There must be a subscription button or panel in your site so that visitors can subscribe easily if they want to. There are many ways through which you can encourage your visitor to subscribe one is by offering an E-book of your site to your visitors by subscribing.

6) Internally Linking

You must use internal linking on your blog.  Internally linking should be there on the place where it is necessary and relevant or appropriate. Internal linking tells the visitors that there is a more information on this relevant topic and visitors can go there just by clicking on the link. 

7) Opening of New Windows on External link

Make sure that the external link of your blog must be open in new tab or in new window.
Opening it on new tab or window means your visitors will return to your blog in later time. And will definitely read your blog again.

Monitoring the Bounce Rate?

You can monitor "bounce rate" by many software but Google Analytics is free and perfect to check this. It will show your visitor information with complete detail.
Remember if your bounce rate is high then you are moving away from your success. So try to decrease bounce rate as much as possible.

About The Author

Sandhu Brothers are professionals in SEO having 3 years experience and we provide best SEO services in Amritsar (Punjab) with proper Keywords analysis and reports for the clients. 

16 December, 2013

LG Nexus 5: The Magical Experience Has Indeed Been Recreated

LG Nexus 5: The magical experience has indeed been recreated
LG Nexus 5
LG had set really high standards for itself with last year’s Nexus 4, which was why there was a lot of speculations about whether it would be able to live up to the high expectations of the consumers with its latest offering. Well, the Nexus 5 is finally here and the speculations have finally been replaced by facts. Does it live up to the hype surrounding its release? A short answer to that is yes. For a device that comes with a modest price tag of $349 or $399, depending on which of its two variants is being considered, the Nexus 5 has indeed impressed. If you are still wondering why LG’s latest offering is getting praised so much, read on.

Operating System

Google had been teasing the newest version of its mobile operating system, Android 4.4, also known as KitKat, for quite some time now. The wait finally came to an end with the release of the Nexus 5. As expected, the user interface has not been overhauled, though it has been visibly updated. Access to Google+ Hangouts with text messaging support and Google Now has been added to the home screen. The NFC support has also been improved, while a new camera shooting mode “HDR+” has also been introduced. Native printing functionality and overall improved performance are other notable features of the operating system that the Nexus 5 comes with. As for the security, it is still too early to say whether the defense protocols implemented in KitKat are strong enough to barricade the phone against malware and spy apps such as apps for spying on LG phone and its likes.

Processor and RAM

For those who have been asking whether the new Nexus cell phone is more powerful than its predecessor the Nexus 4 in terms of performance, the answer is yes. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2.26GHz Quad-core Krait CPU does not take very long to make you forget about your previous experience. The phone not only offers better speed while running apps, but also allows for a smoother multi-tasking experience. The RAM continues to sit at 2GB, which, for the time being, appears to be quite sufficient.


LG Nexus 5

If you were swept off your feet by the previous Nexus’ 4.7” Corning Gorilla Glass 2 touchscreen with a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, you will have a much harder time keeping yourself from drooling once you gaze upon the display of "Nexus 5". The screen size has gotten even bigger, touching the 4.95-inch mark now, and interestingly, the best part is yet to come. The bigger screen comes with a CorningGorilla Glass 3 touchscreen that has a full HD resolution, i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Phone design, dimensions and weight

LG Nexus 5

LG has clearly played it safe this time around after taking a needless design risk on the Nexus 4. The latest Nexus phone is solidly built, with a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and polycarbonate plastic on the rear. The texture of the phone’s rear varies with color. The white variant has a silky and smooth texture, whereas the black one comes with a matte, soft-touch finish, making it a strong preference for those who want to avoid drop accidents. Since there has been a significant increase in screen size, the phone has become larger and heavier, though only slightly.  


The Nexus 5 comes with an HD 8.0MP rear camera with optical image stabilization, as well as a 1.3MP front camera. The camera has a pretty decent low-light performance, but it fails to set new standards, or even meet the existing ones. The contrast, saturation and color of photos and videos leave much to be desired. It also takes a bit of time for the camera to focus, thus making it really hard to take a quick snap before the moment passes away. This, however, is something that can be fixed through an update to KitKat, though going by the track record of Google, the update would not arrive anytime soon, if it arrives at all that is.


Battery is one of the major concerns of contemporary cell phones, especially Android phones. Users were not too happy with the 2100mAh cell in Nexus 4 and unfortunately, Google has not done enough to improve the longevity of battery. The latest Nexus phone comes with an embedded 2,300mAh Li-Polymer battery, which just doesn’t seem to quite cut it. The battery is likely to drain even faster, considering the performance boost and full HD display.

Memory and removable storage

LG has released Nexus 5 in two variants, 16GB and 32GB. Unfortunately, that is all the storage option that the consumers will find themselves with, since there is no slot for a microSD card. While the option to choose between 16GB and 32GB may work for most people, some people may find themselves tied down while transferring media files to their device.

Notable hardware feature

The Nexus 5 comes with two new composite sensors, namely step detector and step counter. What these two sensors would do is they’ll allow apps to track the steps of users while they are walking, running, or climbing stairs.

LTE, wireless charging and NFC

Paying heed to the strong demand, Google and LG have brought back the support for the LTE networks in Nexus 5. The phone also comes with the capability to charge wirelessly. Moreover, the NFC feature is also present, thus allowing consumers to make the most of the convenience offered by Google Wallet and other NFC-reliant services.
The Nexus 5 might just be the device that could give iPhone 5s a run for its money. Boasting a wide array of nifty features and a very modest price tag, LG’s latest offering may be able to elbow past its chief rival in the market.

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11 December, 2013

Top 15 High PR Article Submission Sites

Top 15 High PR Article Submission Sites

  Today we will discuss about Top 15 High PR Article Directories. Also Below  Topics Related to this article ;)

What is an article directory submission
The Role of article directory in SEO
Uses or Benefits of Article Submission
Share List of Top 15 High PR Article Submission Sites.


Article Directory Submission is the process in which an article is written and then submitted in a number of article directory websites in exchange of backlinks and traffic. Article directories such as EZine,GoArticle and Article Base and many more directories, These directories can receive tons of traffic daily. So, bloggers published their articles in high  PR article directories to get high quality backlinks and traffic.

Role Of Article Directory In SEO

Any Websites need some backlinks in order to increase their value and credibility online. Link building is the best for this purpose. It is also a one way method to make your website more reliable.
Search Engines love links which are coming from content-rich webpages. Article directory submission helps in search engine ranking.
Article submission is used to build some quality backlinks for your website .Article Directories provide value and remarkable viewership to any website. If any websites use article directory submission for their popularity it gets good results regarding the increase in its value. So, simply article directories play an important role in SEO.

 Benefits Of Article Submission 

Article Directory Submission works - at least for now in 2013. However, you must write your articles which you want to publish according to specific guidelines as published on the article directory websites. There are many benefits of submitting articles to directories.

Quality Backlink for your website
Contextual links to your website from targeted keyword 
Improve your website popularity
Traffic for your website or blog
An improvement in your blog/website ranking on Search Engine

Things To Remember While Writing Articles

Remember these things while writing articles for article directories. These tips help you in both i.e. your target audience and search engines.
  • Your Articles should be original and information rich.
  • Articles should be keyword rich 
  • Don’t Do  keyword stuffing.
  • The length of your article should not less than 500 and 700.
  • Give an amazing title to your article with the main keyword 
  • Use  images, headings, bullets in your article make it presentable and easy to read.

List Of Top 15 Article Directories

PR6    Hubpages.com
PR6   Gather.com
PR6   Squidoo.com
PR6   Selfgrowth.com
PR6   articleblast.com
PR5   Brighthub.com
PR5   Goarticles.com
PR5   Isnare.com
PR5   Articlesbase.com
PR5   articlecity.com
PR4   Ezinemark.com
PR4   Articlealley.com
PR4   Amazines.com
PR3   Sooperarticles.com
PR2   Articledashboard.com

Feedback :

Give your feedback about this article 'TOP 15 Article Directories'. If we forget anything or you have any problem regarding this article then leave a comment.