06 December, 2013

Google Page Rank Updated 06 Dec 2013

Friday, December 06, 2013

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google page rank updates in 2013

Google Page Rank Updated

Hello Everyone, Today is the best day for all those bloggers (newbie and pro) who is waiting for Google Page Rank (PR) update as we already know that PR is update after 3 to 4 months it means 3 to 4 times in a year. Last page rank is updated in Feb 2013 and from that day everyone wait for PR update but on 6 0ct 2013 Matt Cutts say that no PR update before 2014. This is very surprising news that google update PR silently on 6 Dec 2013 after 10 months. In this update many bloggers get PR but not all blogger. Some blogger PR update and some PR dropped down. 

What is Google Page Rank (PR) 

Definition: A Numeric Value Measure That How Important A Page On Web According To Google. 
Google Page Rank (PR) is a link analysis algorithm used by Google to determine the importance of any website. Google gives every website a Page Rank between 0 to 10. If any website has PR above than 5 think great and below than 5 measured as average and 0 measured new or not listed on google.

Remember one thing that high PR not give you any high ranking in search engine. It only help you.Quality and Seo give you high ranking in search engines.

What PR F4U ONLINE COURSES Got In This Update

f4u online courses page rank

 Before I tell I want to say thanks to all of you for your great support .F4U ONLINE COURSES got PR 3 out of 10 in this update. Before this update our blog PR is 0 so it is our first PR update in our 4 month journey and this is the best achievement for us.
This is not only our hard work we can’t get this goal without your support so thanks once again and keep supporting us :)

From Where To Check Google Page Rank (PR)

You can check your site PR from below listed links.


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Quality Or Quantity

 After this update many friends ask on social media that for high PR they need hundreds of backlinks ? So the answer is simple for getting high PR you don’t need to make lot of backlinks you can make less backlink but high PR and high quality.

 Final Words:

For getting Page Rank for your blog you need high PR backlinks from reputable sites. Try to make less but quality backlink not thousand of daily from low quality sites. Do hard work and you soon get your reward.


  1. Nice Work i am really happy that from my country legends are going high day by day keep it up bro

    1. @Zulqarnain
      Thanks Bro For Your Kind Comment And Appreciation.

  2. Congrats Mughees -Kuch tips hmey bhi do yar

    1. @Hasan
      Thanks. I will Definitely share some great article regarding how to increase page rank which will surely helps everyone.