11 December, 2013

Top 15 High PR Article Submission Sites

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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Top 15 High PR Article Submission Sites

  Today we will discuss about Top 15 High PR Article Directories. Also Below  Topics Related to this article ;)

What is an article directory submission
The Role of article directory in SEO
Uses or Benefits of Article Submission
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Article Directory Submission is the process in which an article is written and then submitted in a number of article directory websites in exchange of backlinks and traffic. Article directories such as EZine,GoArticle and Article Base and many more directories, These directories can receive tons of traffic daily. So, bloggers published their articles in high  PR article directories to get high quality backlinks and traffic.

Role Of Article Directory In SEO

Any Websites need some backlinks in order to increase their value and credibility online. Link building is the best for this purpose. It is also a one way method to make your website more reliable.
Search Engines love links which are coming from content-rich webpages. Article directory submission helps in search engine ranking.
Article submission is used to build some quality backlinks for your website .Article Directories provide value and remarkable viewership to any website. If any websites use article directory submission for their popularity it gets good results regarding the increase in its value. So, simply article directories play an important role in SEO.

 Benefits Of Article Submission 

Article Directory Submission works - at least for now in 2013. However, you must write your articles which you want to publish according to specific guidelines as published on the article directory websites. There are many benefits of submitting articles to directories.

Quality Backlink for your website
Contextual links to your website from targeted keyword 
Improve your website popularity
Traffic for your website or blog
An improvement in your blog/website ranking on Search Engine

Things To Remember While Writing Articles

Remember these things while writing articles for article directories. These tips help you in both i.e. your target audience and search engines.
  • Your Articles should be original and information rich.
  • Articles should be keyword rich 
  • Don’t Do  keyword stuffing.
  • The length of your article should not less than 500 and 700.
  • Give an amazing title to your article with the main keyword 
  • Use  images, headings, bullets in your article make it presentable and easy to read.

List Of Top 15 Article Directories

PR6    Hubpages.com
PR6   Gather.com
PR6   Squidoo.com
PR6   Selfgrowth.com
PR6   articleblast.com
PR5   Brighthub.com
PR5   Goarticles.com
PR5   Isnare.com
PR5   Articlesbase.com
PR5   articlecity.com
PR4   Ezinemark.com
PR4   Articlealley.com
PR4   Amazines.com
PR3   Sooperarticles.com
PR2   Articledashboard.com

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