27 December, 2013

What is Bounce Rate And How To Decrease It

Friday, December 27, 2013

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How To Reduce Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate And How To Decrease It

What is bounce Rate?

Blog bounce rate is the percentage of total visitors who has visited just a single page of your website and then left your blog. Bounce means when users come on the site and immediately close it or when there is a session timeout (according to analytical software), or when he immediately close the tab or window.
Bounce rate is very important because it tells the effectiveness of your site with which your site catches the attention of the visitors. Your site bounce rate should be as less as possible. There are many ways through which you can decrease the bounce rate, here are some them:

Tips to Decrease the Bounce rate

1) Design of your blog

If your blog is having a good design then it makes an impression on the visitor. You must use white background theme for your blog. Try to make your blog easy to navigate, user friendly. Make your blog simple so that visitor should not face any type of problem. 

2) Better Blog Content

If your site is having better quality content then your visitor’s will automatically turn to loyal and regular reader. If your are offering a better and unique content then visitor will continue navigate your site to read more post.
Some people don’t like to continue reading the post if the language of the article does not match their standard.
If your blog is having a high bounce rate, read your content and check it if you can make it better in quality. Must check your sentence (grammatically). Break your sentence to make it easy to read.

3) Participation of Visitor

By setting a comment section you can encourage your visitor to participate. By having a comment section on your blog, visitors will spend more time on your blog (by doing comment) and will participate it too. Comment section encourages visitors to read more blogs content and their comments. This will help to decrease bounce rate.

4) Cleanness of Blog

There should be no irritating things on your blog, because irritation can cause your visitors to leave the blog.
Some of the examples of irritations are slow loading speed, pop-up window and ads, displaying too many ads on same page etc.

5) Subscription of blog

You must encourage your visitors to subscribe your site article, so that they can become your loyal or regular visitor. There must be a subscription button or panel in your site so that visitors can subscribe easily if they want to. There are many ways through which you can encourage your visitor to subscribe one is by offering an E-book of your site to your visitors by subscribing.

6) Internally Linking

You must use internal linking on your blog.  Internally linking should be there on the place where it is necessary and relevant or appropriate. Internal linking tells the visitors that there is a more information on this relevant topic and visitors can go there just by clicking on the link. 

7) Opening of New Windows on External link

Make sure that the external link of your blog must be open in new tab or in new window.
Opening it on new tab or window means your visitors will return to your blog in later time. And will definitely read your blog again.

Monitoring the Bounce Rate?

You can monitor "bounce rate" by many software but Google Analytics is free and perfect to check this. It will show your visitor information with complete detail.
Remember if your bounce rate is high then you are moving away from your success. So try to decrease bounce rate as much as possible.

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